About Us

Our Mission To enable the future of our clients through creation and provision of better services

Our Vision

To enable the most cost effective and leading consultancy company in Eastafrica, offering a broad range of services to a wide range of clients by 2040

You are welcome to goodwill property consultancy limited.  You may be wondering why this company had to be called “goodwill” of all names. The reason is much simpler than you may think. Now, this is it a number of people work, not because they love to work, but because they have to work. On the contrary, all the services offered by our company are based on the passion of at least one of the company appropriators. For this reason, we work with good will. Yes, that’s how the name “goodwill” comes into play. The name good will has helped us work in good will for our clients and also get more clients in good will.

The different services offered by our company were in the beginning, random activities by different company appropriators till 2016 when we decided to merge them under one uniform umbrella. This “one uniform umbrella” later on, on 13th April 2018, got fully registered as a company, goodwill property consultancy limited

“From a scratch of random activities, to a multi- service company” is the statement that best describes us.

Having been established in a charity environment, and by charity- valling persons, goodwill property consultancy limited is currently establishing more connections with charity organizations and forams such as compassion alumni movement Uganda (CAMU). We look forward to making more annual donations both independently and through and other charity organization.

Mr. Benson A  had a chance to get exposed to real estate broking in 2015. He started securing land and plots for some of our family members and friends, himself inclusive. It felt good acquiring land through someone can trust. This “trust” up to today inspires us in making trustworthy connections with our clients for whom we intend to get land and plots both in real estates and non-real estate land construction has always been innocent’s passion. His uncles have builders and some family friend’s engineers for years. When he was of reasonable age, he started taking part in some of the site activities and later on managing construction stores became an integral part of the frequent site visits. It so-happened that Mr.Benson was and is still managing his brothers construction sites with such a double experience, our company saw it important to establish a construction department.

With a construction department in place, establishing a surveying department was equally important and we couldn’t ignore it. That necessity fostered the establishment of a surveying department at goodwill property consultancy limited.

Fashion, design and beauty in house/ home constructions are manifested in both interior and exterior designs. Catherine. N has that eye for beautiful and fashionable things. Together with innocent. T who has got that taste of designs, they will never miss pointing at any eye-catching component of both the interior and exterior of a home. With such minds in our company, we realized that it shouldn’t stop at acquiring that land and constructing a home

That is left “pale”, “raw” and boring. This sparked off an inspiration to beautify our client’s homes through gardening and landscaping.

“beauty- maintenance takes on the same value as the very first step to beautifying anything” we value this statement at goodwill property consultancy. Based on this statement Ronald T proposed a cleaning and fumigation ; unit and yes, it was warmly welcome. Cleaning not only helps us avoid most of the pests but also makes our homes and workplaces conducive and comfortable, the reasons behind our cleaning and fumigation department. However, fumigation always comes as a last option with cleaning on the fore front.