Marketing, buying and selling land/ plots and houses

We market, buy and sell commercial land/ plots, agricultural land/ plots, industrial land / plots, rental/ lease land/ plots and land/ plots for residential purposes. We also deal in and handle commercial houses, industrial houses, ware houses and residential houses. We use all the necessary marketing channels including but not limited to daily local print outs (newspapers) and online platforms such as twitter and Facebook
Marketing and selling real estate land/ plots
Without outstanding experience as real estate agents/ brokers, we work with known and trusted real estates to serve our client best. We help our client’s located land/ plots in real estates in accordance with their wishes desires and expectations, not neglecting their future plans. Our exceptionality in minding our clients’ comfort and satisfaction as well as the real estate’s sales, makes us stand out.
Marketing and renting out apartments and rentals
With the renting fee agreed upon we widely advertise your apartment or rentals through both online channels and various advertising print outs. We ensure best services for the tenants as well as reducing liability to the landlord and increasing his/ her profits. Prior viewing (inspectional visits) of the apartments or rentals by our clients is totally free of charge
Gardening and landscaping
We are coutdoor- beauty professionals and our work includes alomest everything surrounding a home’s exterior. We develop concets for your front or backyard design based on personal needs, the dimate and activities intended to take place. These activities can or may include parties, conferences and meetings and any other hanging out activities for resorts, hotels and gardens. We mind style, design and functionality. We therefore analyze your yard’s arditecture (walkways, water drainage, among others) before producing the design plan.
We also consider the climate to carefully choose flowers, plants and trees that will flourish naturally without much toil. We offer our clients the professional work they will always appreciate.
Cleaning and fumigation
Our environment tends to be either dusty or muddy almost all the time. This leaves us stuck with dirty homes and working places. For this reason therefore, we offer cleaning services to homes, hotels, offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals, warehouses, among others It may be a onetime general cleaning or daily cleaning
At goodwill, we are very conscious of our environment, therefore we also ensure environmental-friendly pest control and furnigation services. We use various methods and pesticides according to what we are trying to eradicate. We are aware that one size does not fit all. That is why we emphasize different cleaning and fumigating techniques and schedules to suit all our clients.
A clean and pest-free environment is not an option, we are her for you